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An experience trial lawyer, Misha has tried over one hundred cases with a judge alone and with a jury.  While some people choose to plead guilty to ‘get it over with’, Misha offers the best defence available in the circumstances.  The secret to success at trial is often no secret at all: the secret is preparation, preparation, preparation.  As any criminal proceeding progresses, Misha reviews the disclosure, evaluates the evidence, gauges any potential defences, considers any defence evidence, including retaining outside experts, and consults with the client.  Misha has a proven track record as a trial lawyer in tackling hard cases to defend the accused individual.  

It is vital to contact a criminal lawyer if a friend or family member has been charged.

Related Services

Sentencing Hearing

Misha has experience in conducting sentencing hearings and in marshalling evidence such as expert reports, references from associates, friends, and family, and other evidence.


In Ontario, criminal defendants have a right to appeal a guilty verdict to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, or to the Summary Conviction Appeals Court

Victims of Crime

Sometimes the line between being a victim of crime and being accused of a crime can be a thin line.