Misha has experience representing accused persons with mental health issues.  This part of Misha’s practice has led him to represent individuals at the Ontario Review Board at disposition hearings and fitness hearings. Misha’s trial practice also includes raising issues of fitness and criminal responsibility where necessary.

Not criminally responsible” is a special verdict.  A person who is found to have committed an offence, but was operating under the effects of mental illness can be found not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder.  A person who is found not criminally responsible is not sentenced to jail, but is transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ontario Review Board.  The Review Board hold annual or sometimes more frequent disposition hearings to determine where a person should be housed, treated, or otherwise kept until they are no longer a significant threat to the public.  Misha has experience dealing with the intersection of mental health and criminal law and represents clients at the Review Board, as well as in the criminal courts.

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