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Some people are found guilty after a trial or after pleading guilty.  A sentencing hearing will follow.  At the sentencing hearing, the prosecutor and the defence will make submissions to the judge about the appropriate sentence in the circumstances.  Misha has experience in conducting sentencing hearings and in marshalling evidence such as expert reports, references from associates, friends, and family, and other evidence.  Misha also relies on established precedent to show the judge the appropriate range of sentences and where the appropriate sentence lies in a particular case.  For people found guilty, having an experienced counsel at the sentencing hearing is vital.  

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A person denied bail has a right to a review


In Ontario, criminal defendants have a right to appeal a guilty verdict to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, or to the Summary Conviction Appeals Court,

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A person who is found to have committed an offence, but was operating under the effects of mental illness can be found not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder